Chicken or Hen, is there any difference?

What came first the chicken, or the egg is often the subject of many a philosophical debate. However, there are also some purists who insist on the correct definitions of chickens or hens. Here at Brambles Country Store, we thought it would be good to share exactly what the difference is. Read on to find out…

What is the definition of a chicken?

A chicken is a common farm bird (Gallus domesticus) raised to provide eggs or edible meat. Put quite simply, it is the generic terms which covers both male and female varieties

What is the definition of a hen?

A hen is the female species of the chicken family, just in the same way a mare is female species of horse. There are, however, some who would argue that a chicken does not become a hen until it lays its first egg, but this could be subject to further debate.

Local eggs from local Clevedon hens

We hope you found this interesting, and perhaps it does not really matter what you call them, rather how you keep and farm them? At Brambles Clevedon, we passionately believe our eggs should only come from happy free-range hens, free to peck and roam at will, and we are delighted that our local supplier shares the same ethos too. She only provides eggs laid by free range hens – absolutely no intensive farming!

If you would like to experience the wonders of freshly laid local Clevedon eggs, by happy local hens, then pop in and visit us. Our wonderfully fresh eggs are available to buy in any quantity – yes you really can just buy one egg, but we are sure you will want to buy more. We are confident that really will be able to taste the difference! 


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