High quali-tea

Do you even live in the UK if you don’t drink tea or coffee like its going out of fashion? Got a problem? Cup of tea. Had some amazing news? Cup of tea. Bored? Cup of tea. Won the lottery? Cup of tea (in a fancy china mug). Our point is Tea and Coffee are as important as washing your hands for 20 seconds, or shouting “GET IN” when your favourite football team scores a goal. At Brambles we stock arguably the best loose tea and tea bags that we have ever tried, and the coffee is to die for (not literally… please don’t). Westcountry Tea Co are our fabulous suppliers and we are stocking a large range of their fabulous flavours, so if you are feeling fruity, need a bit of mint in your life, or want to take a trip to the South African bush with some Rooibos, then we have the solution for you. 

Not only do we offer hot beverages, but we are also incredibly proud to stock Bradleys Juice. This amazing brand of fruit juices are made by a local team and they taste incredible. They are the perfect pick me up, or refresher for those hot summer days. 

Come and pay us a visit to quench your thirst.