Pickles, Chutneys, Jams

Local products bursting with flavour

If you’re passionate about feeding your senses with sensational tastes and smells, then you won’t be disappointed with our amazing range of locally sourced preserves. At Brambles Country Store we really believe there isn’t a better shop in Clevedon for your perfect pantry products.


Pickles galore!

If you are a fan of pickles, then we’re the place for you! Crunchy and packed full of flavour, our fantastic range of local pickles make a perfect accompaniment to any meal. Pickled onions, pickled cucumber, pickled garlic, sweet n hot lime pickle to name a few, what more could you want?

Finest selection of local chutneys to bring your food to life

Our impressive selection of local chutneys will add amazing flavour to a multitude of meals. Whether it’s a humble cheese sandwich or a cold meat salad, our chutneys really pack a punch. From traditional chutneys to more adventurous flavours, you are bound to discover a new favourite.


Locally sourced jams for every occasion

If breakfast is one of your favourite meals of the day, then it’s about to get better, as we have a wonderful array of jams waiting to top your hot buttered toast, bagel or croissant. From zingy marmalades through to deep flavoured blackberry jam (one of our favourites), we know you won’t be disappointed with our wonderful selection of sweet and fruity jams and marmalades.

Not all jams have to be sweet. Indeed, we have a range of savoury jams for you to enjoy too. Why not try our Beer, bacon, and chilli jam? It goes with just about any savoury lunch time treat you can think of, from scotch eggs and quiches to cheese and crackers. This jam really does give your taste buds an explosion of flavours.